Four Factors to Consider While Looking for Crude Oil Tankers for Sale

Are you looking for crude oil tankers for sale ? Well, you have come to the right place. First, it is necessary to understand that the crude oil tankers come in various assortments. This means that each type of tanker has its own specifications and features. Because of this reason, the prices of the crude oil tankers vary from one another.

Caution must be taken while browsing to find crude oil tankers for sale. There are many dealers of these tankers and however affordable they may sound, there are few things to always consider before being lured by the exquisite offers. The most important of them are as listed below;

1. The condition of the tanker.
The first thing is to ensure that the tanker is in its best condition. Always do a thorough inspection to verify that the tanker is in its working conditions and that it has no technical or mechanical problems.

2. Does the oil tanker meet your standards?
One factor that must be fulfilled while purchasing any oil tanker is to consider its satisfaction for the intended purpose. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the tanker qualifies your set standards and requirements.

3. Technical properties
The technicality of operation and use of various tankers might be different. Therefore, it is necessary to take a look at the technical properties of the crude oil tanker in order to help you come up with a well informed decision.

4. Integrity of the seller
The seller from which you are considering to buy the oil tanker from should be licensed to do so . Also, it is important to consider the integrity of the seller as wll as the terms and conditions laid thereof.

Among other factors, the above four are the most crucial factors to consider while in search for a crude oil for sale. Basically, in many instances, the dealer or the seller of the tankers usually have a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals that offers a detailed advice on the purchases. Just be well informed before you complete the purchase! For more details, visit here.


Reasons Why You Should Buy Crude Oil Tankers for Sale Online

A crude oil tanker is very essential for your company as it helps in transporting crude oil from one location to another. The advantage of these tankers is the capability of transporting huge amounts of oil to whichever location you choose. It is not easy to buy a crude oil tanker as it requires plenty of money, and it is also good to exercise caution to purchase the best. There are many alternatives available when you desire to purchase one which will not fail you. Shopping online is among the most ideal ways of buying an oil tanker. Below are some advantages for purchasing an oil tanker online.

It saves cost and time

Shopping for an oil tanker is not simple as you might assume, since they are expensive and you need to have plenty of knowledge on how to go about the entire shopping process. Among the major benefits of shopping for oil tankers online is the opportunity to save plenty of time. You simply sit at home or in the office, browse all the crude oil tankers for sale and choose one which you like. This saves on time which you would’ve have used moving from one manufacturer or company while shopping. Additionally, it saves you on plenty of cost since you don’t use money on transport costs as you shop.

oil tankers for sale

It is very convenient

The ability to purchase an oil tanker at the comfort of your home is another added advantage of shopping online. Hence, no movement is involved from one manufacturer to another. All you ought to have is a gadget with internet connection and start the process. Moreover, an individual has the chance to shop anytime throughout the night or day as majority of manufacturers function 24/7. This also helps to minimize stress experienced during the whole shopping process.

Due to the advancement of internet technology, there are numerous sites where you can obtain the size and model of the crude oil tanker you desire to purchase.

Factors to Consider in an Oil Tanker Ship For Sale

An oil tanker, often referred to as a petroleum tanker, is a business ship designed to transport oil. There are two main types of oil tankers; that is the product tanker and crude tanker. Crude tankers transport bulky quantities of unrefined oil from the extraction point to refineries. The product tankers are smaller in size and designed to transport refined products from the refineries point to the nearest consuming markets.

Oil Tanker Ship in the sea offshore of Istanbul
Oil Tanker Ship in the sea offshore of Istanbul

Oil tankers are categorized according to their size and its functions. The size class range from inland tankers of a few thousand metric masses of load to the massive ultra large crude carriers. In the present market there are very many types of oil tanker ships that are on sale depending on the size, weight and the amount of load it can carry. But if you are looking for the best oil tanker ship for sale, it is better to get the best deal possible. This is mainly because a lot of oil tanker dealers have been fraudulent in their activities the past couple of years.

The recovery of oil is under threat. Oil tankers have become extremely. This is a sign that drillers are flooding the oil market. The day- to-day oil tanker ship is at the highest level since the year 2008. According to research done by Bloomberg, the flow in in the cost of oil tankers ship is sending a threatening signal to the oil market.

An example of an oil tanker ship in the market is the 53m product tanker 930DWT. Its new building was made in china in 2015. It has a double bottom and various lengths such as length overall is 53.10m, length between perpendicular is 49.50m, breadth B IS 4.10 m. this ship has 4 tanks and the total capacity is 912.2metres-cubic. The gross tonnage of the ship is GT496 tons and the net tonnage is NT 277 tons. Its cost is $850000

Therefore when choosing an oil tanker ship for sale you must consider the price set if it is within your capability. There are often new and used commercial oil tank ships for sale on various websites where you can fill in you information and get to verify the specific type that you want and choose from it.

Enter in the crude world with taking your own carrier from several Oil tankers for sale, available at single place

Do you know what the things are making impact on fuel price around the world? The transportation of crude is one of the most significant causes related to the end price of oil in the world’s market. Oil tankers are moving approximately 2,000,000,000 metric tons of crude each year and saturating the rising demands of fuel globally.

A huge carrier can control the price of crude oil by holding the cost at even maximum payload at a single trip. These huge and medium oil carriers are using for the stock holding purpose to earn profit at the price hike in future days.

l Tanker Schiff am Meer vor blauer Kulisse

There are numbers of oil tankers for sale that can be selected upon the preferred route for transportation and required draft capacity, you want to use.

VlCC tanker – You can go with VLCC (very large crude carrier) if you are moving through Persian Gulf (Japan) it can carry 200,000 to 320,000 (Flexible Market Scale) DWT (Deadweight Tonnage).

LR2 crude carrier – for West Africa, Caribbean or East Coast of North America you can move with Suezmax class of carrier that is able to move 120,000 to 200,000 DWT in a single trip.

LR1 carrier – Aframax class size is able to carry 80,000 to 120,000 DWT can be useful for Cross-Mediterranean route.

Product tanker – For Caribbean– East Coast of North America or Gulf of Mexico you can transport crude with All Product Carrier oil tanker ships.

There is ULCC (Ultra Large Crude Carrier) able to carry huge volume of 320,000 to 550,000 DWT, crude oil in its several under placed tankers.

Medium range tanker comes from Panamax Class to carry 60,000 to 80,000 GWT in its single trip.

These almost every size carrier can be useful for any purpose regarding the crude transportation through any of the nautical routes to move crude from any part of oil region such as middle-east to any state of the world at minimum cost. Now you have enough reasons and ex-poser to make a straight decision to get one.

Oil tanker ship- What You Should Know

An oil tanker ship is a vessel that is used to transport oil mostly for commercial purposes. In almost all circumstances, the vessel is usually hired. The oil tankers can be divided into two:

a) Crude tankers – These are the largest oil tankers used to transport crude oil to the refineries. Despite the fact that crude oil is heavy, it’s cheaper compared to refined products and hence popular to countries with operating refineries because of the wide range of oil products that are produced after refining. This makes the crude oil tanker more popular in bulk transport and to use in distant destinations. They are often referred to as “supertankers”.

b) Product tankers – This ship is used to transport the refined oil products and is generally smaller in size. It can be used in short and long distances. At times, the product tankers are used to offload the crude tankers when it becomes hard to enter the port while fully loaded. The naval ship which can be used to fuel moving vessels is an example of a product tanker. If you are looking for the best oil tanker ship for sale, then you can visit this site. A note though, it is better to search for a reliable and trusted seller of oil tankers before closing a deal with them. There are list of vendors of oil tanker ships available if you search them online.

Modern oil tanker’s storage facility is subdivided into several tanks to reduce free-surface problem that was before contributing to capsizing of ships whenever oil sloshed from its sides. Crude oil is used to wash the crude oil tankers while specialized systems with rotating jets that carry hot water is used to clean tankers with less sticky cargoes.

Oil tankers are the most cost effective means of transporting oil due to their bulk carriage that reduces the cost per gallon. They can also be used to carry oil meant for various destinations with the offloading units posted in the respective ports/sites.

Most of the oil tankers operations are guided by International law to address disputes or cases of marine routes, piracy, oil spills, maintenance, tanker tonnage, among others.
Water transport will remain crucial when it comes to carriage of bulky and highly flammable goods. Third world countries are continuously growing and new oil sites being discovered and the demand for such goods is increasing as well as the market expanding. Hence, the oil tankers will not be written off soon.

All About Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Crude oil generally refers to petroleum in its liquid state. On refinement, crude oil is processed to various oil and fuel products e.g. diesel oil, petrol and paraffin that are used worldwide for either domestic or industrial use. At times when the price of this precious commodity rapidly shoots up, some companies opt to store it for that specified point in time. There are special kinds of tanks that are solely for the purpose of the storage of crude oil. It is therefore known as the crude oil tank.

gas tanker ship and oil refinery plant background use for oil ,fuel energy and fossil power .transportation and heavy petroleum industry estate theme
gas tanker ship and oil refinery plant background use for oil ,fuel energy and fossil power .transportation and heavy petroleum industry estate theme

There are various types of tanks for the storage of crude oil. They are basically classified into two:

1. Pressurized storage tanks

2. Atmospheric storage tanks.

For most companies, the atmospheric storage tanks are widely used as they are either operated near or at the atmospheric pressure. They are further classified into floating roof tanks, fixed roof tanks, open top storage tanks and bullet storage tanks. The open top tanks are generally suited for water storage and the fixed roof storage tanks are used when there is a limited amount of crude oil. The remaining two are mainly used for crude oil storage.

These storage tanks are constructed in a lengthy but careful process. The main material used for the construction of the storage tanks is carbon steel. An alternative to carbon steel is stainless steel. It contains chromium, which prevents rusting. To most companies, carbon steel is a greater preference, considering it is highly affordable, as compared to stainless steel.

The tanks are also crafted in such a way that the environment will not be put at risk through oil spillage. This is why tanks that carry excessive amounts of oil are manufactured from the finest materials.The size is also put into strong consideration as it will determine the amount of oil it will hold.